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Guinea pigs are probably not big thinkers by nature, but they are also not dumb, can be challenged mentally and are able to learn. This section will show you some ideas how to set your guinea pig a tricky task and make them think. Again, food is the best solution to incentivise a guinea pig and serves at the same time as reward, so it is the perfect item for all kinds of brain teasers (and other toys).


Food board

The food board is very popular with Blitz and Milka (and hopefully other guinea pigs) because it combines two of their distinct features, namely curiosity and love for food. It is a wooden board with holes in it, which serve as hideout for food. The guinea pigs have to move small wooden doors, that cover the holes in order to reach the treats. They can either move the doors with their head or their feet.


You need:

  • Two wooden boards with a length of 35cm / 13.78 inches and a height of 1cm / 0.39 inches each
  • One wooden board with a length of 35cm / 13.78 inches and a height of 0,5cm / 0.2 inches
  • Two screws with a length of max 2cm / 0.79 inches
  • Four nails with a length of max 2.5cm / 0.98 inches
  • A drill with an additional special round top
  • A saw
  • Sandpaper or a (nail) file


 Step 1 – Preparations

- Take the thin wooden board and saw it into four pieces of 5.5cm / 2.17 inches

- Cut one end of the pieces to a triangular shape

- Sand all edges, so that the guinea pigs can’t get hurt by splinter of wood


Step 2 – The ground board

- Take one of the thicker boards and drill four holes into it with the special round top of the drill

- Take the board with the four holes and screw it on top of the other thick board


Step 3 – The doors

- Take the four 5.5cm / 2.17 inches long pieces and lay them on top of the holes

- Attach the wood pieces (doors) with nails to the board, but leave some space so that the doors can still be moved


Now the food board is ready and can serve as brain teaser for your guinea pigs!


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