Guinea pigs love to hide and crawl under everything possible. Therefore they like to run through every possible kind of tunnel and love to restructure tunnel landscapes. To build tunnels, bridges and other activity landscapes you can use almost anything, as long as it is big enough for a guinea pig: plastic/ cardboard tubes, hollow tree-trunks, towels, branches with leafs, and so on…


Obstacle courses and mazes

With all these materials you can build different kinds of activity landscapes like obstacle courses or mazes. Even though guinea pigs aren’t climbing animals by nature, it is fun for them to conquer a mountain of wood/stones, etc. In order to build an obstacle course you can just turn the objects for 90 degrees like wood tunnels or cardboard boxes to make them taller. This way you easily get an exciting hilly countryside. Mazes can be built using cardboard boxes, planks of wood, Lego bricks, etc. To motivate your guinea pigs, you can bribe them with food.


Less expenditure

Guinea pigs don’t always need fancy activity landscapes to be happy. It is already enough if they have objects to discover when they get their daily exercise or even in their cage if there’s enough space. As long as the object isn’t dangerous for the guinea pigs, they are happy to explore (and probably nibble) any kinds of objects. Especially unfamiliar objects will be observed and examined curiously. Maybe they’ll find their new favourite item for activity while nibbling and smelling all the new objects. Sometimes you’ll discover objects you would have never expected to be a guinea pig toy.


In the slideshow you can find some ideas for activity landscapes for guinea pigs.


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