Guinea pigs are curious and like entertainment from time to time. You can’t play with your guinea pig like you would play with a dog, but guinea pigs also like some activity and challenges. It is easy to tell when a guinea pig wants to play or would rather be left alone.

No matter what kind of game, activity or challenge, guinea pigs can be quickly animated with food. Besides offering entertainment to their ownerThis is an image of various crafting tools.s, playing and engaging with your guinea pigs reveals their different personalities and characteristics. It is also a good idea to play with your guinea pigs to make them tamer and thus more willing to learn tricks.

Playing with guinea pigs or keeping them busy is not a necessity. As long as they have enough friends/ animals of the same species, sufficient space to run/ exercise and a spacious cage with dens, toys, etc, guinea pigs will be happy. If guinea pigs were to practice their natural behaviour completely, they wouldn’t need entrainment from humans. Even though they wouldn’t miss playing or entertainment, it is interesting for them to be challenged (mentally) every now and then.

This DIY section offers a couple of ideas of how to entertain/ challenge your guinea pigs with homemade toys. Please bear in mind, that guinea pigs shouldn’t be forced to play and that you should always have an eye on them while playing. If you have additional ideas for activities, toys, etc. or questions, please feel free to email me.

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