Guinea pigs have a high demand for water of around 100ml per day. However the amount of water needed varies from guinea pig to guinea pig and also depends on the climate (e.g. summer heat or dry air). Water should be available all the time, even when it seems as if the guinea pigs rarely drink. Like all living organisms guinea pigs need water to survive. Therefore it is necessary that guinea pigs have constant access to fresh and uncovered water, so that they can decide when and how much they want to drink. It can either be served in a bowl or in a water bottle, depending on what the guinea pig prefers.


Bowls are the appropriate solution for guinea pigs because in a natural environment guinea pigs would find water in natural pools such as puddles or creeks. Therefore guinea pigs should receive water from a container near ground level. To ensure that it stays clean and free from hay or litter, the bowl can be put on a small piece of wood or a stone and stabilized.

Probably the best feature of ceramic bowls is their easy cleaning. They can even be washed in the dishwasher from time to time.

Guinea pigs living outside sometimes encounter problems with metal bowls or water bowls containing a small metal tube. Metal retains the cold, which can lead to health problems for guinea pigs with an unstable immune system. Therefore ceramic bowls should be used for outside since they enable the stabilization of the water temperature.


Water bottles

Water bottles are in fact not appropriate for guinea pigs because the pets have to twist their heads, but some guinea pigs get used to it. There are two types of water bottles, those with a metal pin and those with a metal ball. The advantage of water bottles with a metal pin is that as long as the pin is pushed, the liquid runs and the guinea pig can drink. Therefore it is easier for the guinea pig to drink and more understandable how to use.

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