Lengthy teeth can prohibit the guinea pigs ingestion of food. To keep guinea pigs healthy a regulaThis is an image of a guinea pigs' teeth.rly health check is recommended, which should include a teeth check.

The incisor teeth grow about 1.6 mm / 0.063 inches a week and the molars about 1.5mm / 0.059 inches, but they wear down naturally by eating. While branches and hay are especially good food for this purpose, pellets are a less appropriate option, because the guinea pigs get sated too fast and don’t chew enough. In case the guinea pig does not eat enough or even doesn’t eat at all the teeth might have to be shortened. However, this is difficult and must be done by a vet.

Some guinea pigs get malposition teeth and older guinea pigs teeth may stop growing or grow in the wrong positions as well. In these cases the guinea pigs are not able to eat at all anymore and can thus be diagnosed by their weight loss. These guinea pigs need special care, therefore visiting a vet and asking for advice is a necessity in these cases as well.


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