Short-haired guinea pigs

Short-haired guinea pigs usually don’t need any help with their fur – they take care of it themselves. Nevertheless it should be controlled regularly in case the guinea pigs’ fur becomes matted, especially on the underside, which gets in contact with urine and is therefore more vulnerable. Apart from that, brushing short-haired guinea pigs is not necessary and not recommended.

Long-haired guinea pigs

The fur of long-haired guinea-pigs needs a lot more attention than the fur of short-haired guinea pigs.

Because the fur of these pigs is really long, a lot of faeces and urine can get caught up in it. guinea-pig-74850_1280 - KopieTherefore the fur must be trimmed regularly so that the guinea pig won’t get ill and so that the fur does not get matted. Especially around their¬†rear end the fur should be trimmed before it gets too long.

In the summer guinea pigs with long hairs become really hot because the fur stores the heat. This is really uncomfortable for the guinea pig and should be avoided by trimming the hair.

In addition to cutting their hair, regularly brushing the fur of long-haired guinea pigs is a must. Even though guinea pigs won’t like the brushing it is important to keep the fur smooth. A soft brush should be used in order to avoid hurting the guinea pig. For the same reason a comb is not recommended.

The right choice of the bedding is very significant, especially for long-haired guinea pigs. For them the usual bedding of small wood shavings should be avoided and instead a top layer of thicker material should be used.

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