The care for guinea pigs is not as easy as it may appear and involves various different aspects. This includes daily tasks like renewing the water, cleaning dirty parts of the cage and giving the guinea pigs healthy food. Furthermore the cage should be cleaned completely at least once a week. The claws of guinea pigs grow constantly and have to be shortened every month. The teeth should also be checked monthly and if they are growing abnormally, they must be adjusted by a veterinarian.

Additional care like cleaning the water bottles and bowls, refilling hay or doing a complete health check for the guinea pigs needs to be done regularly. During the health check it needs to be verified that the nose of the guinea pig is dry and clean, that the fur is clean and that there are no bald areas, that the guinea pig’s eyes are clear and without any discharge, that the guinea pig is neither too fat nor too thin and that it has good reactions and swift movements. The skin and the ears of guinea pigs should also be checked regarding mites, incrustations and fungal diseases. If any of the above mentioned properties are not as they should be, the guinea pig must be taken to the veterinarian immediately. The faster a disease is recognized the greater the chances of it being cured.

Guinea pigs are very active animals, so a good care for guinea pigs involves giving them a lot of activities and space to run around and explore.

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