Short-haired breeds

The various short-haired breeds are:


The Aguti is the breed that is closest to its wild ancestors. The hair of a short-haired guinea pig is short and smooth without any swirls. Agutis can be single-colored, which is the most robust guinea pig breed, and may also come multi-colored in various patterns.

This is an image of a grey aguti guinea pig


The name crested is derived from the single swirl on its forehead, which looks like a crown. The hair of a crested guinea pig is smooth and short. There are two types of crested guinea pigs:

The English crested can have a swirl of the same color as the rest of the fur, whereas the American crested has always a white rosette and is either black or red colored.

This is an image of an American crested guinea pig


The abyssinian guinea pig has eight to ten round swirls all over its body. Its fur is short and shaggy with the colors red, black, white or a combination of all three of them.

This is an image of an abyssinian guinea pig

Rex- & Teddy

The rex and the teddy both have short, fine and soft hair, which stands up all over the body. This looks like the hair of a teddy bear, from which the name is derived. Although both breeds look similar they have different genes.

This is an image of a teddy guinea pig

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