There are several different guinea pig breeds that vary in length and structure of their hairs. However, the color of the fur doesn’t give an indication of the breed, because all fur colors occur with nearly every breed.

The domestic guinea pigs descend from wild guinea pigs whose habitat is South America. The wild guinea pigs are larger than the domestic ones and have grey or brown fur. Most of today’s breeds don’t have much in common with the wild guinea pigs anymore. Especially their head size and form differ a lot from the wild ones.

In the UK and the Netherlands the breeding of guinea pigs is quite popular and since guinea pigs receive offspring quickly, breeding them is very easy.

The acknowledged breeds may be divided into long-haired and short-haired breeds. However, there is one breed without any fur, which is called Skinny Pig.

This is an image of a skinny pig breed

The breeds don’t only vary in their fur but can also show differences in their behavior which is why every guinea pig lover should give a thought about what breed (s)he prefers before getting a guinea pig.


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