Blitz: Exercise in the living room

Hello readers,

today we got our daily exercise in the living room. Sometimes the humans forget to let us out of our home, but if we tell them we want to run and explore, they always open the gate on the ground floor. Milka and I know the living room pretty well by now, but the humans know what we like and therefore put usually some stuff on the floor that we can have a look at.

Milka is very lazy and often just stays in one of the small huts or under the couch, but I love to run around and smell all the different things and also nibble at everything. Now and then the humans are getting mad at me, because they don’t like it when I chew their stuff.. they are so sensitive and fussy *sigh*. Well, I am quite exhausted after so much exercise and like to just relax at home afterwards.

Do you exercise? I think it is pretty important to stay fit, especially because we have three floors at home and if we don’t exercise it can probably become difficult to use the stairs. Also, it can get quite boring at home after a while, therefore I appreciate the entertainment in the living room.

Leave a comment to tell me about your experience !                                                                                                                                                      Cheers,  Blitz


Two guinea pigs getting exercise in the living room.

Milka and me exploring the living room together.


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