Hello everyone, welcome to my website!

I am Martha, a German guinea pig owner studying Digital Marketing in London, who created this website as part of the Master’s Web Analytics module. I have chosen to create a website about guinea pigs, because I couldn’t find relevant information online about guinea pigs when I wanted to purchase my own guinea pigs. I had to search on different websites, that also provide information about rabbits and other small rodents. Therefore this website only focuses on guinea pigs and everything concerning their keeping and health.

The information was collected through extensive reading of specialized literature, research on the web and discussions with vets and other guinea pig owners.

On the blog you will find how to’s, lists, reviews and especially anecdotes about the lives of two 4 year old guinea pigs called Blitz and Milka. They were a Christmas present from me to my partner, as he often spoke about how lovely his previous guinea pigs were and how much he missed having them, and I’d also always wanted to own guinea pigs myself.

It took us a while to find the perfect guinea pigs for us. We looked for guinea pigs at different breeders, a few animal homes and several pet shops. On the 15th of February 2011 we finally discovered what we were looking for in one of the pet shops: two healthy and lively guinea pigs! Since we bought them in a pet shop, we didn’t get much information about their background. We were only told, that they were born around New Year.


This is an image of two baby guinea pigs called Blitz and Milka

Milka & Blitz, a few weeks old


Blitz, sometimes called Blitzi or Blitze-boo, is a very curious and open-minded, beige short-haired guinea pig. Blitz is the German word for lightning, because she is fast as lightning, or at least she used to be when she was young. She lives in a homemade, three-story cage with Milka, a shy and easily frightened brown/white short-haired guinea pig. Since our elderly neighbor has looked after them, we sometimes call her Minka, as that’s what he always called her.

If you have questions or would like to tell me about your guinea pigs, please send me an email or leave a comment on the blog.

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