Guinea Pig Info is a comprehensive website providing information and advice about guinea pigs. From different breeds and diet to general care and illnesses, a wide range of topics concerning the little rodents is covered. Besides information and tips about keeping guinea pigs, the website also offers a DIY page, where numerous ideas for homemade accessories can be found.

No matter if you are going to get yourself a guinea pig or if you just want to improve your knowledge about these pets, provides all necessary information for a happy guinea pig life. Furthermore the blog presents everything that is happening in the lives of Blitz and Milka, two 5 year old guinea pigs.

This website talks about guinea pigs as pets, which are actually a subspecies of the original cavy (Caviidae). Further subfamilies are the Mara (Dolichotinae) and the Hydrochoerinae, which populate big parts of South America. The first guinea pigs arrived in Europe in 1492, after the discovery of The Americas.

In South America, where guinea pigs originated, they are a traditional source of food that dates back as far as 500 BC, particularly in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. When served as meal they are often presented on small pieces of vegetables. Guinea pigs are part of the South American culture and are often used as gift. They are also used by native healers for diagnosing and healing, who then sacrifice the animal after the ritual has been completed. Guinea pig stock is said to help against hair loss and their excrement is supposed to cure styes.

Unfortunately guinea pigs are also used for laboratory research in some countries, a topic that I will discuss in the blog in the near future.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to send me an email or to leave a comment on the blog.

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